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Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing in Silicon Valley with Sonic

Following a surge in demand for electronic components in technologies such as 5G, IoT, and electric vehicles, the global electronic manufacturing services (EMS) market has maintained a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.94% over the last four years. Electrical manufacturing costs have come down for many processes while R&D investments have increased to support emerging consumer electronics needs.

In this field, EMS businesses provide a range of electrical and electronic capabilities such as design, prototype development, testing, and manufacturing. At Sonic Manufacturing Technologies, we offer a full suite of EMS options driven by fast manufacturing and design for manufacturability (DFM) processes. 

Electronic Design

Sonic’s electronic design services help you turn raw product objectives and capabilities into clear design concepts. Using DFM principles, our design team delivers functional designs for specific manufacturing conditions, parts requirements, and timelines. Sonic’s designers work closely with your project managers to ensure product designs are optimized for efficiency and include every feature and detail.

Prototype Development

Prototyping is a critical phase in any electrical manufacturing project. Prototypes allow engineers and designers to identify unanticipated design issues and resolve bugs before production. Sonic Manufacturing specializes in the rapid development of custom parts and processes for prototypes so that manufacturers can advance to production with complete confidence in the reliability and cost-effectiveness of new products.


Electrical manufacturing services incorporate product testing for performance, reliability, and applicable compliance standards. Sonic completes all necessary test batteries for your new electronic products. Tests our teams can perform include:

  • Environmental: Simulates a product’s operational environment for conditions such as heat, humidity, and vibration
  • Functional: Ensures product performance
  • In-circuit: Assesses the functionality and reliability of individual electronic components
  • Regulatory: Demonstrates that products and manufacturing processes satisfy applicable quality and safety guidelines

Electrical / Electronic Manufacturing

Sonic’s electronic manufacturing capabilities cover different kinds of electronics including printed circuit boards, flex circuits, chip and semiconductor components, and electro-mechanical assemblies. Our manufacturing facilities can also handle high-end, complex assemblies like servers, electronic box builds, and optoelectronics. Our manufacturing clients hail from diverse industries including aerospace, defense, renewable technologies, industrial testing, and medical and biotech devices.

Sonic Manufacturing: EMS for Silicon Valley and Surrounding Areas

Sonic Manufacturing offers comprehensive electrical and electronic manufacturing services to businesses located in Silicon Valley, the Bay Area, San Jose, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Salt Lake City, and Sacramento. 

To learn more, contact our corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley.