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Sonic: An Electronics Integration Company

Electronic integration often requires custom-made electronic components that can interface seamlessly with both the user and the electrical subsystems.

Whether it be a home media system, security alarm, or industry-specific automotive, aerospace, or medical equipment, Sonic has a team of more than 30 engineers and technicians to cater to your needs.

Sonic Manufacturing Helps with Your Electronic Integration

Integrated electronics require high-level manufacturing expertise to ensure your integrations withstand the fatigue and component failures your circuitry can encounter in a deployed environment.

Our testing and verification services, customization, and PCBA techniques give you maximum design flexibility.

Integration in Surface Mount Assemblies for Cost-Effectiveness

Industry-specific designs and handheld electronic applications tend to require high functionality with constraints in package density size. While we offer through-hole insertion PCBA solutions, we also provide surface mount technology (SMT). With SMT, the overall board size and the length of individual tracks can be reduced. Cost savings in SMT integration let you scale with reduced costs with paste and epoxy SMTs.

Integration in Box Build Assemblies

The customized nature of integrated electronics often forces designers to incorporate box builds that don’t always cater to the unique specifications of the integrated design. We handle the production, design, and construction of customized enclosures. Not only do you get full control of the design, but you also have the power to customize a build that takes full advantage of the unique performance and design parameters of your integrated electronics.

Integrated Electronics Test Verification

Electronics integrated systems need to meet high-performance demands while providing seamless performance to the user. Sonic’s test verification capabilities ensure that your circuit design survives the shock, vibration, and temperatures that can lead to fatigue and creep failures.

Our IEEE Standards and industry-leading testing processes include ICT, FPT, and X-ray to validate the working parameters of installed electrical components and the quality of soldering joints. With burn-in and functional testing, you can worry less about premature failure and obtain circuit assemblies that power on when needed.

Are You Ready for Electronics Integration?

Integrated electronics requires expertise and customization that helps get your box build, PCBA, and testing requirements done efficiently without hindering the manufacturing process.

In the Bay Area, including San Jose, Fremont, Silicon Valley, Milpitas, Palo Alto, and Mountain View and need integrated electronics expertise? Get in touch with Sonic Manufacturing Technologies today or email us at