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Flexible Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

Complete PCB Design, Layout and Assembly Services

flex circuit manufacturingAt Sonic Manufacturing, we build high quality flexible printed circuit boards and provide full design, layout and assembly services. Our turnkey solutions meet a wide variety of needs with precision, reliability and cost-efficiency.  

Medical devices, aerospace, testing and manufacturing equipment, telecommunications, automotive, consumer products, wearables, and industrial equipment industries are some of the key verticals that we serve. We love working with incubators, startups and labs as well!

With a wide range of PCB manufacturing capabilities, our team can handle all your requirements including quick turns, short runs, engineering runs, prototypes and volume orders. 

We also manage a state-of-the-art supply chain service with inventory management, automated supply chain solutions (aka “HAL”), with international reach for parts and materials procurement. Special delivery, dedicated carriers and Kanban deliveries are all supported.

Talk to us about flexible printed circuit board manufacturing. We guarantee the best quality and performance, managing the entire project in-house, from initial prototype board layout and assembly to warehousing, shipping and inventory management. 

Need a flexible PCB manufacturing, design and assembly service that saves you time and money? Want to optimize your production cycle? Our flexible printed circuit board experts have just the solution for you.

ITAR and ISO-9000 Certified Flexible Printed Circuit Board Manufacture Services

Our advanced PCB design and manufacturing tools and stringent testing procedures ensure accuracy and optimize manufacturing capabilities, yield and cycle time. As an ITAR and ISO-9001 Certified company, we maintain strict quality standards.

Try our competitively-priced services and highly technical engineering resources to manufacture your high-performance flexible printed circuit boards. We have the expertise to take your projects from concept to completion. Count on us for quick turnaround, including delivery for special orders. Sonic Manufacturing is conveniently located in the heart of Silicon Valley, just off 880, north of Rt 237.

Request a quote for flexible printed circuit board manufacturing. Call Sonic Manufacturing today at 510-580-8500 today.