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Growth Creation Leading To Addition Of Building # 2 For Sonic Customers

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Sonic is a Premier Regional EMS Provider across all Market Segments in Fremont, Calif., August 31, 2011

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. announces that Sonic has completed the acquisition of an additional building Sonic will be fully operational in the new building known as Building # 2 in October of 2011 Creating a world class operation for regional and global customers of complete product lifecycle electronics manufacturing services (“EMS”).
The additional building will have broadened capacity, which will enhance and extend its ability to design, source, build, and fulfill products ranging from PCBA’s to complete packaged products for existing and new customers in all of the market segments that Sonic serves.
The enhanced capabilities of the combined capacity will create more value for its customers and increase their competitiveness by managing the complexities of their products’ design, sourcing, manufacturing and fulfillment requirements. The company’s unique operational framework, Sonic’s Customized and Automated Systems, manages the complexity while providing flexibility and drives product quality while reducing time-to-market.
Kenneth Raab , President of Sonic Manufacturing Technologies said, “Our Building # 2 is an important strategic addition. The addition increases our capacity and solution offerings, extends our target market reach and better serves the needs of our customers. Sonic’s unique ability to customize solutions along with this additional capacity will make the company the preferred partner for companies looking for deep capabilities provided in a very personalized manner.”

About Sonic

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of EMS services. Serving low to medium volume, high-complexity products for small Emerging companies all the way to International companies. With manufacturing facilities in two adjacent buildings in California, USA – We are the largest EMS provider in the California Area. Sonic manages customers’ high-complexity products while providing them maximum flexibility to manage their business in a close, collaborative relationship.