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Sonic Manufacturing Technologies Achieves ISO-13485 Certification
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Quality system meets the test of Medical Agency Compliance and positions Sonic Manufacturing Technologies to offer enhanced quality controls to all OEMs seeking outsourced electronics manufacturing services (EMS). Sonic Manufacturing Technologies today announced the awarding of ISO-13485:2003 certification to both of its Fremont, CA facilities. As a Contract Electronics Manufacturer (CEM) for Medical and other markets; this certification demonstrates Sonics’ commitment to internal and Agency …
Sonic Manufacturing Technologies an Environmentally Conscious EMS Company
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Sonic Manufacturing Technologies announces the launch of a new project (Installation of Solar). This gives Sonic a unique differentiation of being a socially responsible company. PRWeb/h3> Sonic Manufacturing Technologies is proud to be an environmentally conscious EMS company. Sonic Manufacturing Technologies has installed a solar system on its roof top. “We will be independent of the grid and completely self-sufficient in a three-year period,” the President of Sonic, Kenneth Raab stated….
Sonic Manufacturing Receives a Letter of Recommendation
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“Sonic commits to continuous improvement and innovation”. Accompanying this commitment is the responsibility that we have to be at the cutting edge with processes for all new types of packages that are constantly coming out in the market place. View the letter from Linear Technology Corporation recommending Sonic as the preferred assembly supplier for their specific module products. This just fortifies Sonic’s commitments for Best in Class: Customer Service Quality Performance Productivity C…
LagBuster: Eliminates lag in online games
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Manufacturing Process It is really important to us that we deliver a 100% quality product to gamers, so we chose manufacturing partners with a strong reputation for delivering excellent products on time. We were very fortunate that one of the world’s best electronics manufacturers is almost in our backyard here in California. Sonic Manufacturing Technologies has been incredible – in our inaugural run, we had ZERO defects. Our injection molded plastics are manufactured by American Precision Pr…
Supply Chains at the Speed of Light™
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Sonic Manufacturing Technologies Launches Instantaneous Procurement and Next Day Delivery FREMONT, California USA, June 27, 2016 Sonic Manufacturing Technologies today announces the successful rollout of Supply Chains at the Speed of Light™; a data-driven supply chain integration that exchanges purchasing data within seconds of sensing demand and delivers components to our manufacturing lines the next business day. Partnering with Digi-Key Corporation, the two companies tested the model in a…