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Sonic Pioneers First Digital Supply Chain in Electronics

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First Fully Digital Supply Chain in the Electronics Industry Automates the Process from Start to Finish

[Fremont, California May 2021] Sonic Manufacturing Technologies is pleased to announce the publication of an article by David Ginsberg, VP of Supply Chain Management, on their revolutionary digital supply chain management technology. The leading-edge tech has accelerated Sonic to the forefront of Silicon Valley manufacturing. David is on a mission to share it with the world, transforming the industry. The new technology emulates current business processes, improving transaction performance (speed and quantity) and revenue growth.

Fully Digital Supply Chain Delivers Big Advantages

Sonic’s commitment to digital has taken its core processes to new heights. Sonic is the first company to successfully implement a fully digital supply chain in the electronics industry, automating the supply chain from start to finish, including front-end data cleansing logic, accurate material requirements planning (MRP) processes, and calculating and processing supply availability against demand requirements. “It’s now a complete digital cycle and handles as high as 75% of the one million parts per week coming into the factory,” said David Ginsberg, Vice President of Supply Chain for Sonic Manufacturing.

Innovative Technology a Game-Changer in the Electronics Industry

Sonic’s digital supply chain automation technology moves the decision-making process entirely to the computer, increasing efficiency, agility, and responsiveness. Planning and ordering now take seconds or minutes, rather than the typical one or two-week procurement cycle. Automation allows staff to dedicate their talents to problem-solving and exception management, rather than placing repeat orders, boosting business performance while reducing order processing and invoicing costs. Sonic’s technology also facilitates manufacturing long  before customers consider an extended global supply chain again, rising to meet the challenges of the COVID era.

About Sonic Manufacturing

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). Established in 1996 in Fremont, California, and privately owned and operated by the same management team for 25 years, Sonic specializes in EMS, including new product introduction (NPI), prototyping, and in-house board layouts. Consistent manufacturing excellence, cutting-edge equipment, and industry expertise make Sonic a reliable and flexible source for volume production, retail fulfillment, and international logistics.

To read more about this achievement, visit Page 52 at Supply Chain World.

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