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What Are the Benefits of Box Build Assembly

Box Build Assembly Services – What is Involved? A box build assembly is an integrated system built around a printed circuit board (PCB) or set of boards and other modules. This system usually includes an enclosure and wiring, which are used to connect the box build to the next higher assembly. Enclosure design and materials are determined based on the application (indoor / outdoor for instance), heat signature (like for networking and servers) and usage (like personal wearables or tabletop). ...

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Digital Supply Chain

By Mark Lawton, Supply Chain World Magazine Every week, more than 1 million electronic components arrive at Sonic Manufacturing Technologies. Of those, over 500,000 are delivered to Sonic without human touch and within three days of ordering. Sonic is a contract electronics manufacturer located in the Silicon Valley. The company partners with more than 100 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), about 80 percent of which are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sonic’s 85,000-square-foot...

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High Tech Electronic Manufacturing in the Bay Area

High Tech Electronic Manufacturing in the Bay Area “Imitation is the purest form of flattery”, said the English cleric Charles Caleb Cotton in the early 19th century. If that really is the case, we should be flattered! What started as a novel approach to beat the trends of sourcing electronic assembly from abroad has turned into a business model now copied by other startups in the Bay Area. What Sonic Manufacturing has done that is different from everybody else is embrace change in an industry...

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