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New Product Manufacturing Checklist

Creating a New Product Manufacturing Checklist

When it’s time for your new product to enter the manufacturing process, the team at Sonic Manufacturing Technologies prepares a new product manufacturing checklist for that product. This manufacturing plan provides key information to help you prepare for the upcoming manufacturing process. This plan is crucial to plan for equipment, personnel, and capital requirements, and needs developing early enough in the process to allow for appropriate lead times on any new equipment you may require as well as development time for new testing approaches.

Contents of a Successful Manufacturing Plan

What should be included in your manufacturing plan? Our checklist includes eight key sections.

1. Objective

We start by stating the objective of the new manufacturing plan: to document the process flow and high-level test requirements for the new product being developed and to identify the necessary people, facilities, and equipment required.

2. Manufacturing Process: Assembly Strategy

In this section, we define the manufacturing process flowchart for your new product. We also identify alternatives and risks and suggest how to develop the capacity of the line.

3. Manufacturing Test Approach

The third section of the plan consists of an overview of the testing process, followed by detailed manufacturing test information. The overview summarizes testing at all stages of the process and specifies product design requirements. The detailed information documents the steps manufacturing personnel will perform to test your product. (Click here to learn more about our quality assurance and testing processes.)

4. Equipment and Facility Requirements

This part of the plan details the capital/tooling requirements, identifies all necessary equipment and estimates the approximate lead time and costs for this equipment. This section should also establish equipment selection criteria and create a facility layout that shows the floor space required.

5. Logistics/Materials Plans

In this section, we identify long lead items and vendor quality requirements, as well as create an ordering plan for the internal prototype forecast and later production units. We also identify product packaging and shipping plans.

6. Personnel and Related Costs

This part of the plan projects direct labor and direct labor overhead goals and estimates. It also estimates the number of people needed, the training required, the special talent required, and estimated manufacturing cycle time.

7. Training Requirements

If new processes are developed or new equipment put in place, we specify the training requirements for various operations personnel. We also indicate who will develop and deliver this training, as well as the type of training required and the projected class sizes.

8. Other Specifications

Finally, we detail other key specifications, including equipment failure mode effects analysis, equipment preventive maintenance plans, equipment calibration plans, and ESD controls.

Developing the Manufacturing Plan

How do we develop this new product manufacturing checklist? We start by creating the first draft during the development phase of your project, working directly with your team. Then we discuss the plan and bring any questions or issues to team meetings and pertinent design reviews. We use this feedback, as well as any new information, to revise the manufacturing plan before the beta build or as it enters into next phases of production. The final version of the plan is then distributed and approved by all parties.

Planning Matters

At Sonic Manufacturing Technologies, we recognize the importance of planning before initiating the manufacturing process for your new products. You can depend on our manufacturing and materials knowledge and experience to develop comprehensive plans for your new product introductions.

For expert advice, thorough new product manufacturing checklists and guidance throughout the new product introduction process, be sure to contact Sonic Manufacturing Technologies at (510) 580-8500 or online at

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Prototype Development on Production Lines

We Use Our Production Line for Prototype Development

Some Say It’s Crazy…We Disagree!

Using production lines for prototype development is a great way for companies to test out new products. It gives your business a competitive edge in new product development and is cost-effective.

Read on for some tips on how and why your business should incorporate the use of our production line in your prototype development phase.

New Product, New Problems

As managers and new product engineers know, when your company has a brilliant idea for a new product the first step is to develop and test a prototype. Not only does the prototype have to meet the company’s desired specifications, it will also most likely have to meet the standards of various compliance requirements.

Mistakes that pass through the prototype testing phase become extremely costly down the road and can lead to expensive recalls. You can avoid the possibility of recalls and redevelopment by placing a strong focus on quality, functionality and manufacturability during the prototype-testing phase.   

A Case in Point

Pratt & Whitney was featured in a Forbes article when they were struggling at the production line level. Executives met with workers at the factory to see what was holding back progress because they were concerned about the significant amount of time and money already invested.

When questioned on the reason for the holdup, the factory workers voiced that the production line instructions didn’t make sense and that the layout was problematic. Problems like these can cost companies millions and hold back product development.  

The best way to avoid these problems is to partner with the right production line from the beginning. Partnering with the wrong production line can result in a cascade of costs that can set your company back for months, if not years, depending on the importance of your new product.

Make the Prototype Development Process Predictable

Forward thinking production line companies like Sonic Manufacturing Technologies work closely with product development teams. More importantly, they supply businesses with superior engineering resources to facilitate the production of new products.

Executives and managers don’t like surprises. Efficiency requires predictability and working with a knowledgeable and high-quality production line ensures that your prototype is produced with the utmost care. Therefore, there’ll be no nasty surprises during the development process.

Making the prototype development process predictable requires attention to detail, advanced engineering expertise, and dedication.

The Premier Production Line for Prototype Development

A jewel of the Silicon Valley, Sonic MFG is an industry leader in San Jose and the Bay Area. We also serve Sacramento and Salt Lake City as their premier choice for production lines.

With Sonic MFG’s services, your new products will be on the shelves in no time. Better yet, in addition to speedy service, we are committed to producing top quality, from prototype to production.

Make your new product releases a smashing success with Sonic MFG as your production line of choice. Rather than stressing over it, you can feel confident in our prototype development process.

Contact Sonic MFG today to learn more about prototype development and our New Product Introduction services.

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