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Tag: printed circuit boards

What are Printed Circuit Boards made from?

When developing printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) it’s important to know what materials are available to handle the PCB’s temperature resistance, adhesion, tensile strength and flexibility. By selecting the proper materials, you can make sure that your PCB works in your specific circumstances. Three Main Types of PCB Materials There are three main types of materials that may be used in a printed circuit board: FR-4. This is the most commonly used material in PCBs. It is a glass-reinforced...

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When are Flex Circuits the Right Solution?

Flexible printed circuit boards (PCBs) are often able to solve packaging issues when rigid PCBs can’t and are among the top PCB trends of 2021. They can help you manufacture a wide range of devices from watches to robotic arms. In fact, the global market for flexible PCBs is projected to grow by more than 11% by 2025. Whether you need to meet partial or full flexing requirements, it’s critical to find a flexible PCB tailored to your manufacturing needs. This brings us to an important question:...

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