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What are the Advantages of Surface Mount Technology in PCBA?

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Surface mount technology (SMT) is an alternative to older through-hole (TH) printed circuit board (PCB) design and manufacturing. Even when there are reasons to use through-hole components on your PCB, surface mounted components almost always win. In fact, almost all equipment manufactured commercially uses surface mounted technology.

Let’s learn more about how surface mount components compare to through-hole components and the reasons to use surface mount technology during PCB manufacturing.

What is Surface Mount Technology?

During the 1970s and 1980s, automation started to rise for PCB assembly. Traditional components with leads were not easy for PCB assembly. Instead, resistors and capacitors needed to have pre-formed leads so that they could fit through holes.

Even though this was the preferred method, it was a difficult approach to master. Leads often missed the holes because they were very tight, slowing down the PCB assembly process and raising manufacturing costs.

Thankfully, surface mount technology was born. Rather than having to wire between two points, SMT components are set onto a board and then soldered to it. Their leads do not have to go through any holes as would be required in a traditional leaded component.

Benefits of Surface Mount Technology in Design

SMT allows for more efficient, automated PCB assembly and mass production. This is why virtually all equipment commercially manufactured today uses surface mount technology. Let’s explore the main benefits of using this technology:

  • Maximum flexibility when building PCBs
  • Improved reliability and performance
  • Increased automation
  • Increased density – more components in a smaller space
  • Ability to co-exist with through-hole components
  • Smaller, lighter boards – great for today’s electronics
  • Reduced need for hole drilling or manual intervention
  • Ease of assembly

SMT for Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Sonic Manufacturing provides PCB assembly and manufacturing services in Silicon Valley. We are experienced in both surface mount technology and through-hole. For the most part, most components on a board are placed automatically. Occasionally, they may need manual intervention. Either way, you are in good hands with our team!

Because of our efficient and automated processes, you can expect your PCB assembly to be completed on time and according to your budget. You can count on us for exceptional service and reliability! Contact Sonic Manufacturing to learn more about incorporating high-quality surface mount technology into your PCB components.