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Wire Harness Assembly Services

The most important factor in wire harness assembly services is quality. At Sonic Manufacturing we deliver top quality wire harness assemblies at competitive prices, with on-time delivery. For every service we provide our clients, we bring the best and brightest in engineering to the table and build long term relationships with our customers.

Wire Harness Assembly and Quality

A wire harness assembly is more than just a bundle of wires, cables, or subassemblies for transmitting electrical power or signals. They may be simple, with only a few components, or more complex with multiple branches heading off in different directions and multiple terminations and circuitry on each branch. The complexity of each wire harness assembly is determined by the application for which it is required.

Quality issues in wire harness assemblies can incur a much higher cost than their initial expense. Any disruption in the flow of data or electricity can cripple your product’s operation, making it imperative to partner with a wire harness assembly manufacturer that has a solid understanding of engineering and a solid record of quality processes.

Wire Harness Assembly Protects Wires and Improves Organization

Proper wire harness layout and assembly procedures protects the wires, cables and subassemblies from being damaged, ensuring that they perform well under adverse conditions. Inferior wire harnessing design or production can cause serious electrical failures. While cables have individual sheathing, wire harnesses keep them bundled together for protection while also helping keep them organized.

Looking at a sea of unbundled cables can drive even the most seasoned engineer mad, and may cause unexpected cross-talk or circuitry problems. With wire harnessing, cables are efficiently organized and protected. With our knowledge of harness assemblies, we can advise you on the best manufacturing practices.

What Sets Sonic Apart in Wire Harness Assembly Services?

Sonic Manufacturing is a superior choice compared to our competitors because we are committed to quality in production, competitive pricing and dedicated to keeping electronics manufacturing jobs in Silicon Valley.

Sourcing your wire harness assemblies locally in the Silicon Valley ensures the delivery of quality at competitive prices, and you also benefit from quick access to production facilities, project managers and materials.

Integrated Circuit Board Assembly

Sonic Manufacturing also delivers superiority in printed circuit board production using NPI design and highly automated manufacturing lines. New product introduction is essential, and we carry concepts to prototypes and bring your new product dreams to fruition.

Seamless Integration with Automated Manufacturing

Sonic features first-in-class automated production methods. With HAL, Sonic’s very own AI tool, we can identify potential errors and point them out during the production process. By handling routine tasks throughout the production cycle, HAL makes it possible for Sonic’s engineering staff to concentrate on the most critical aspects of our work.

Our Commitment to You

Sonic Manufacturing doesn’t see you as just another customer, we see you as a partner and are passionate about what we do. Here’s what you can expect from us when partnering with Sonic:

  • Quality in manufacturing
  • Local service for your convenience and to support our local economy
  • A superior product at a fair price

These characteristics make Sonic Manufacturing the best choice in the Bay area for wire harness assembly and other advanced electronics manufacturing services.

Serving the communities of San Jose, the Bay area, Silicon Valley, Sacramento, and Salt Lake City, Sonic is here to help.

Get in touch with us today and get the highest quality in wire harness assembly services.