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Electronics manufacturing is taking a new turn with modern tech. Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud, big data, analytics, automation, and virtualization have helped define emerging trends in electronics manufacturing services.

So, what essentially does an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company deal with? EMS companies like Sonic Manufacturing Technologies offer electronic component design, development, testing, and distribution services for original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

Companies dealing with medical devices, automotive, technology companies, and industries dealing with consumer devices like television, wearables, radios, telephones, and dispensers often collaborate with EMS to access components like circuits and motherboards.

Target Market and Consumers

Electronics manufacturing services assist diverse industries and both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) entities.

B2B plastic component manufacturers rely on thermoplastics. The thermoplastic technology is usually powered by electronic and electrical components, making EMS quite a critical player in plastic manufacturing and assembly.

Engineers and purchasing agents seeking manufacturing or specific consulting for their projects will usually contract trusted electronic manufacturers like Sonic Manufacturing Technologies for their part components. In addition, companies in automotive lighting and infotainment will liaise with EMS for improved part sourcing.

Why Outsource Electronics Manufacturing Services?

Most electronic companies outsource their components, thanks to collaborative industries and additive manufacturing. The high cost of in-house production and demand for skilled labor required in the complex manufacturing of critical electronic components makes outsourcing feasible.

Even if electronics manufacturers can manage the technology requirements, talent, and changing dynamics of their sector, keeping up with the demand for high-quality electronic components becomes a considerable challenge.

Benefits of Outsourcing Electronics Manufacturing

There are many benefits of outsourcing your EMS needs, including the following:

Quality and Consistency

Quality is of paramount importance when sourcing electronic and electrical components. A slight mistake in a circuit or motherboard can affect your equipment’s efficiency and overall performance. Our EMS company has the right technology and expertise for quality components.


Outsourcing electronic components from a trusted electronics manufacturer like Sonic provides cost-saving opportunities instead of utilizing your budget to produce these products in-house. Since OEMs must manage technology, manpower, and changing dynamics, they usually prefer to outsource part components from trusted EMS companies.

Improved Turn-Around

There’s no denying that electronics contract manufacturers (ECM) have established supplier relationships. This collaborative capability with various industries and sectors makes procuring the necessary components for diverse specialty projects easier and faster. This collaboration, combined with the vast experience of ECMs, significantly reduces the time it takes to get products to the shop floor.

Sonic Manufacturing – Your Go-To EMS Company

Here at Sonic Manufacturing Technologies, we understand that specific sectors, such as automotive, defence, and healthcare, have stringent requirements for device design, testing, development, and distribution.

There’s no room for error when manufacturing medical devices such as insulin dispensers, blood monitors, and IoT medical wearables. A slight mistake in your device’s design and testing can impair its efficiency and overall performance, leading to the loss of lives and other dire consequences.

So, as a trusted EMS company, we take pride in optimizing parts, processes, and outcomes to deliver high-quality components for your original equipment manufacturing firm in the Bay Area, including San Jose, Fremont, Silicon Valley, Milpitas, Palo Alto, Mountain View.

Contact our team today for a consultation and advice on high-end electronic components.