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The largest EMS in the Silicon Valley

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The largest EMS in
the Silicon Valley

Advanced Electronic Manufacturing in the Bay Area

The Bay area is well known for advanced electronics manufacturing and for good reason. The area is home to industry leaders like Sonic Manufacturing and comprises around 10% of all jobs in the surrounding counties, boasting 340,000 manufacturing-related jobs (2018).
Sonic provides state of the art electronic contract manufacturing services for new and existing electronic products, including prototypes, printed circuit board assembly, custom cable assemblies, box builds, manual and automated inspections and rework, and more. Our consistently exacting standards deliver the very best in engineering and assembly services to every client.

Invest in Quality, Invest in the USA

One of the things that sets Sonic Manufacturing apart from our many competitors is that all our PCB and assembled products are constructed in the US. This means that when you have questions or need help with troubleshooting, you’ll get quick local assistance from our highly skilled engineering and manufacturing teams.
Practices in advanced electronic manufacturing have seen startling instances of outsourcing that create serious concerns about quality for Bay Area clients who are looking for the best in local contract manufacturing services.
When you work with Sonic, your products come straight out of Silicon Valley. Industry leaders like Sonic Manufacturing have shown that not only does advanced electronics manufacturing belong in Silicon Valley, the Valley sets the standard for other production areas.
Starting with Sonic, this has become a reality. Silicon Valley is the place other growing manufacturing centers look to in setting the standards for how advanced electronics should be built. Our local manufacturers’ worldwide influence has established Silicon Valley as a beacon of innovation and manufacturing inspiration.

From Prototypes to Market in Record Time, with Sonic

Product design, engineering and manufacturing firms can count on Sonic Manufacturing to facilitate the progression of new products from prototype to market at lightning speed. Production development speed can make all the difference in the competitive global market. Sonic Manufacturing has the engineering expertise and experience to get the job done for our customers in record time.
Not only can Sonic help you in bringing entirely new products to market, we can also provide exceptional engineering support for existing products. Our unparalleled engineering expertise and a workforce that is highly trained in supply chain management can give you the extra boost you need at a competitive price. Product and component availability is not an issue with Sonic’s base of established suppliers.

Sonic Is the Right Choice for Advanced Electronic Manufacturing

Not only does Sonic Manufacturing serve the Bay area, we also provide hands-on services and quick deliveries to Sacramento, Salt Lake City, and Silicon Valley. Serving these areas is a responsibility that we take seriously, which is made evident by the quality of our work and dedication to prompt and accurate communications.
We’re continually improving the practices in advanced electronics manufacturing in the Bay Area and provide high quality results to every customer that we serve.
Call Sonic Manufacturing today and see how we can help you manage the production of new or existing advanced electronic manufacturing. You’ll get first-in-class service, support and pricing.

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