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The Critical Role of PCBA Supply Chain Management

Understanding the printed circuit board (PCB) supply chain is crucial for electronics manufacturers, designers, procurement professionals, and consumers. The PCB supply chain encompasses all stages in the production and distribution of PCBs, from raw material sourcing to delivering the finished boards to end users. Below is a comprehensive overview of the PCB supply chain highlighting key components, challenges, and strategies for effective management. Key Components of the PCB Supply Chain The...

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Building the First Autonomous Digital Supply Chain

David Ginsberg just completed the digital supply chain. Now he wants to show other companies how to do it. Sonic serves virtually every industry in Silicon Valley,’ David Ginsberg, VP of Supply Chain for Sonic Manufacturing Technologies, tells me. ‘Medical, military, aerospace, consumer, industrial sensors, entertainment systems, automotive, drones…you name it, we’ve probably got it in the building.’ Sonic is the largest electronics manufacturing service (EMS) in the Valley. To put that...

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Sonic Manufacturing Transforming Vision into Reality

It’s not just what Sonic Manufacturing Technologies makes for our business partners… it’s what we make possible… transforming vision into reality. We welcome you to watch our new video to learn more. With best total solutions and a lifetime of partnership… it’s no wonder we are a driving force for the engine that is the dynamic Silicon Valley. From crowd funded to top 10, business to consumer… we are dedicated to your business… delivering award-winning manufacturing services every...

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Why is Supply Chain Management Important for PCBA Contractors?

In most printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), every component is critical to its performance.  The process used to source, purchase and schedule approved components has an impact on the final build’s time to customer, as well as possibly its quality. Across the world, there is continued growth in the manufacturing base of PCBAs as much as 6% over the next two years. In this blog, we’ll discuss why supply chain management is now more important than ever for PCBA contractors. 3 Ways...

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Orbweaver Sourcing Case Study

Orbweaver Sourcing Case Study: Sonic Manufacturing Purchase Order Automation Next-Level Efficiencies Achieved through API Integration With aspirations of a fully automated and digitally integrated supply chain, Sonic Manufacturing selected Orbweaver for integration with its suppliers, the first partnership of its kind in the electronics industry. Sonic provides contract manufacturing solutions to support its NPI business model, and needed a purchasing solution that was as precise, dynamic...

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