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Sonic Manufacturing: Your Electronic Manufacturing Company in Fremont

With a focus on rapid manufacturing and design for manufacturing (DFM), Sonic Manufacturing Technologies specializes in printed circuit boards, flex circuits, electro-mechanical assemblies, and custom electronics needs. Based in Fremont, CA, Sonic serves engineering and purchasing agents for the aerospace, automotive, defense, medical, and computer industries in California and Utah. Our electronic manufacturing services encompass every stage of design and production.

Final Assembly

Sonic’s Manufacturing provides final assembly services for electronic products, allowing clients to focus on sales, marketing, and R&D. Our team handles materials, purchasing, supply chain management, quality assurance, and more. Our capabilities cover every level of required complexity, reliability, and quality. Whether you need custom orders or shipping direct to customers, Sonic delivers products assembled to your desired state.

Box Builds

Fully enclosed box builds are becoming increasingly important to custom systems integrations. At Sonic Manufacturing, we design unique assemblies and housing for your electronics to incorporate them into larger, complex systems. Our teams can box build not only printed circuit boards (PCB) but also all associated cables, din rails, cabinet housings, and backplane assemblies. Tailored to the needs of your project, Sonic’s box builds can be simple PCB enclosures or multilayer, wired cabinets.

Package Assembly

For custom enclosures on sensitive electrical components ranging from semiconductors and chips to complete mainframes, Sonic offers package assembly incorporating any required level of shielding and isolation. Our designs protect systems and parts from mechanical damage, adverse heating and cooling, electrostatic discharge, and radio frequencies. Additional features our package assembly services cover include product safety compliance, grounding of exposed metal parts, and aesthetics for market appeal.

Harness Wiring

For modern electronics, harness wiring still requires a high degree of customization and manual assembly. Whether for power or signal transmission, our teams can outfit custom cable and wire harnesses for a variety of installations including aircraft, flat panel displays, flight simulators, medical and biotech devices, heavy equipment, and networking equipment.

Electronic Manufacturing with Sonic Manufacturing Technologies

Offering customized solutions for your project’s unique requirements, Sonic Manufacturing is more than just a service provider for California’s electronics industry. We create lasting partnerships with our clients and guide them from the earliest design stages to end-user delivery. With headquarters in Fremont, our electronic manufacturing company is conveniently located for businesses in the San Jose, Silicon Valley, and across the Bay Area.

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