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Basics of In-Circuit Testing
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Printed circuit boards have complex assemblies that involve hundreds of components and solar connections. Each component is expected to perform to the highest standard, as even the smallest defect can hinder the PCB’s performance and quality. To ensure that each component and connection works as it should, PCB manufacturers perform a variety of testing, including in-circuit testing. In this post, we’re going to learn more about in-circuit testing, the defects it looks for and the advantag…
Why Choose Sonic for Fast Manufacturing in the Bay Area
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In the 1930s, production efficiency increased exponentially with the introduction of the takt system to the global manufacturing sector. The rhythm and pulse of a production line is a critical factor if you want to optimize your manufacturing cycles. Sonic Manufacturing Technologies delivers fast manufacturing services in the Bay Area that keep up with the beat of your product lifecycle, from component sourcing to shipping the finished articles to their final destination. We are a prem…
Why Do You Prototype New Concepts?
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A prototype of a new concept is a critical component in the ongoing development of biomedical and wearable device technology. It allows you to test your new ideas quickly and improve on them in an equally timely manner. Simply put, prototyping is an experimental model of a proposed concept. Product development teams use them to validate or test ideas, design assumptions, and other factors of conceptualization. It does this quickly and cheaply, giving you an opportunity to make refinements…
4 Steps to Successfully Manufacture New Consumer Electronics
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How can you bring a new consumer electronic product to life? It starts by recognizing a consumer need and developing a possible solution to that need. With the idea of a new product in mind, it’s then a matter of figuring out how to manufacture it with adequate quality and profitability. Step 1: Assemble a Prototype When you’re developing a new electronic product, you must first find out if you can build what you have in mind. That means developing a proof-of-concept prototype. This…
Common PCB Surface Finish Types
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Protect your PCBA with the best surface coating based on your application and board specifications.  Learn more here. One of the most essential steps in the design of your printed circuit boards (PCBs) is the surface finish. The PCB surface finish you choose will help protect the copper circuitry from corrosion. It also provides a solderable surface. You can work with your PCB manufacturer to determine which surface finish is right for your needs. Here are the most common types of…