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Embedded Electronics in New Product Design
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There are nearly 6.4 billion smartphone users worldwide. If you own a smartphone, it is a perfect example of an advanced embedded system. Embedded electronics are also available in countless other devices like security access systems, washing machines, vending machines, medical equipment, and more. What defines an embedded electronic system is the integration of software and hardware. To learn more about embedded systems design keep reading. What Is Embedded Systems Design? Embedded…
Digital Supply Chain Presentation March 2023
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David Ginsberg, VP Supply Chain at Sonic Manufacturing, will be presenting the “how to” of autonomous #digitalsupplychain at Procurement Leaders Americas Congress in Miami March 21st. Happy to continue the conversation if you have interest in meeting up. At Sonic Manufacturing Technologies our automation levels are at 70% of PO line items placed. Median supplier delivery to our factory is under 6 days on one million parts per week across 12,000 part numbers, …
What does ‘Fast Manufacturing’ Mean to Sonic?
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Fast manufacturing enables product designers and operators to efficiently handle production or manufacturing from start to finish. Fast manufacturing includes layout reviews by manufacturing teams to ensure part manufacturability, readability, and availability of materials and critical components. Manufacturing lines that use fast manufacturing ensure quick turn of manufactured end products. A critical element of rapid production is the availability of quality assurance to provide product…
Basics of In-Circuit Testing
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Printed circuit boards have complex assemblies that involve hundreds of components and solar connections. Each component is expected to perform to the highest standard, as even the smallest defect can hinder the PCB’s performance and quality. To ensure that each component and connection works as it should, PCB manufacturers perform a variety of testing, including in-circuit testing. In this post, we’re going to learn more about in-circuit testing, the defects it looks for and the advantag…
Why Choose Sonic for Fast Manufacturing in the Bay Area
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In the 1930s, production efficiency increased exponentially with the introduction of the takt system to the global manufacturing sector. The rhythm and pulse of a production line is a critical factor if you want to optimize your manufacturing cycles. Sonic Manufacturing Technologies delivers fast manufacturing services in the Bay Area that keep up with the beat of your product lifecycle, from component sourcing to shipping the finished articles to their final destination. We are a prem…