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Tag: wearables

Why Do You Prototype New Concepts?

A prototype of a new concept is a critical component in the ongoing development of biomedical and wearable device technology. It allows you to test your new ideas quickly and improve on them in an equally timely manner. Simply put, prototyping is an experimental model of a proposed concept. Product development teams use them to validate or test ideas, design assumptions, and other factors of conceptualization. It does this quickly and cheaply, giving you an opportunity to make refinements...

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Flexible PCB Applications and Ideas

In a world where electromechanical devices keep getting smaller and designs become more complex, new products continue to push the boundaries for flexible PCB applications and ideas. Flexible PCBs (also called flex PCBs) are a key enabler of modern, high-density electronics and have become the core component of many modern products. Flex PCB Benefits in Electronics Since the first circuit boards came to market, product designers faced issues due to the delicacy of a circuit’s internal connections....

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