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Why Do You Prototype New Concepts?

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A prototype of a new concept is a critical component in the ongoing development of biomedical and wearable device technology. It allows you to test your new ideas quickly and improve on them in an equally timely manner.

Simply put, prototyping is an experimental model of a proposed concept. Product development teams use them to validate or test ideas, design assumptions, and other factors of conceptualization. It does this quickly and cheaply, giving you an opportunity to make refinements before manufacturing begins.

Reasons to Prototype New Concepts

Designing successful products requires that every angle, component, function, and housing speaks to the user. World-class product development teams do not rely on guesswork.

They know the only way to ensure products have the intended effect and expected outcomes is by prototyping new concepts before the manufacturing phase. Here are some of the benefits of prototyping and why you should be doing it.

Validate Your Ideas 

A prototype gives you a hands-on model to validate your idea and ensure the concept will work within the application. You can also use this prototype to seek investments from stakeholders.

Save on Development Costs 

Product development is never cheap. However, you can reduce costs by adjusting your prototype to better meet product standards before the first batch of manufacturing begins. It also reduces maintenance caused by inefficiencies in development.

Design Consistency

Improve user experience with consistency in design. Users don’t want to familiarize themselves with how their devices work more than once.

If you decide after the first version that you need to make significant changes to the device or its components, the user must learn the product all over again. And with medical devices, this learning curve could be the difference between feeling healthy and being unwell.

Improve Concept

Prototyping allows you to fine-tune your new concept to improve your design further. Explore new ideas, identify problems before production, and create new, more efficient processes for the manufacturing and development teams.

Prototype New Concepts with Sonic Manufacturing

At Sonic, our end-to-end support continues throughout the entire product development lifecycle. From concept to prototype to manufacturing, our team of experienced engineers speeds up time-to-market for product teams for:

  • Robotics
  • Healthcare
  • Networking
  • Wearable devices

We do this while identifying problems or concerns early in the manufacturing process. Prototyping a new concept at our Fremont production facility, easily reached from San Jose, the Silicon Valley, and the entire Bay Area, will guarantee that your devices meet the exact specifications of the end-user while maximizing design manufacturability.

Request a Quote! Reach us via email at You can also contact us by phone at 925-454-9800. We look forward to discussing your next prototype.