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Medical Device Market Share and Trend Projections
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The medical device and biotechnology sectors are hotbeds of innovation. Since 2007, The Prix Galien is an annual award ceremony that celebrates the most innovative products emerging from the industry. In 2019, companies like Spark Therapeutics, GlaxoSmithKline, and Abbot received awards for their efforts to improve human health using unique medical products. Advances in medical technologies continue to drive the market. The latest solutions range from glucose monitoring patches to in vit…
Sonic Manufacturing Technologies: Your Consumer Electronics Manufacturing Partner
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If you’re in the consumer electronics market, you want a reliable manufacturing partner that offers a full complement of manufacturing services and fits well with your business. Sonic Manufacturing Technologies is all that and more, your ideal consumer electronics manufacturing partner. What You Want in a Manufacturing Partner In the consumer electronics business, who you choose as your manufacturing partner could be the difference between success and failure. They should function as a…
PCBA – Design for Manufacturability
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Whenever you bring a new product to market, there are many considerations and iterations required to find the optimal design. A key element that designers often don’t consider early enough is the ease of manufacturing the final product. When you’re focusing on adding functionality and improving the product’s durability, the PCB’s assembly requirements may seem inconsequential. However, design for manufacturability (DFM) is crucial to ensure the successful launch of your product. What Is …
Considerations in Electronic Box Build Services
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Inordinate amounts of considerations go into finding the perfect industrial design for your latest product. Is it functional? Does it serve an innovative need? Can it be cheaper? How long will it take to source from the manufacturer and assembler? All of these questions influence the final specification and layout of the product and are vital considerations in electronic box build services. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry famously said that you achieve perfection not when you have nothing more to a…
High Tech Electronic Manufacturing in the Bay Area
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High Tech Electronic Manufacturing in the Bay Area “Imitation is the purest form of flattery”, said the English cleric Charles Caleb Cotton in the early 19th century. If that really is the case, we should be flattered! What started as a novel approach to beat the trends of sourcing electronic assembly from abroad has turned into a business model now copied by other startups in the Bay Area. What Sonic Manufacturing has done that is different from everybody else is embrace change in an …