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Tag: Supply Chain Support Services

Building the First Autonomous Digital Supply Chain

David Ginsberg just completed the digital supply chain. Now he wants to show other companies how to do it. Sonic serves virtually every industry in Silicon Valley,’ David Ginsberg, VP of Supply Chain for Sonic Manufacturing Technologies, tells me. ‘Medical, military, aerospace, consumer, industrial sensors, entertainment systems, automotive, drones…you name it, we’ve probably got it in the building.’ Sonic is the largest electronics manufacturing service (EMS) in the Valley. To put that...

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Sonic Pioneers First Digital Supply Chain in Electronics

First Fully Digital Supply Chain in the Electronics Industry Automates the Process from Start to Finish [Fremont, California May 2021] Sonic Manufacturing Technologies is pleased to announce the publication of an article by David Ginsberg, VP of Supply Chain Management, on their revolutionary digital supply chain management technology. The leading-edge tech has accelerated Sonic to the forefront of Silicon Valley manufacturing. David is on a mission to share it with the world, transforming...

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Global Supply Chain Services

Sourcing the Right Components from Sonic’s Global Supply Chain Services A product is more than the sum of its parts, but one bad component can compromise the whole. Sonic Manufacturing Technologies understands that the quality of every component is just as important as the manufacturing process. We help our customers by sourcing quality components and parts using our global supply chain services. Sonic has developed a set of innovative solutions to help you reduce turnaround and lead times...

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